Student Life

Extra-curricular activities are privileges available to students who fulfill their academic and behavioural responsibilities at Holy Trinity High School. All students are encouraged to join clubs, groups, and/or teams.   

Clubs & Activities

Holy Trinity High School offers a variety of activities, sports and clubs for students. All students are encouraged to participate in at least one club or activity per semester. Participation results in new skills, new friends, and leadership opportunities.

Grade 7/8 Clubs & Activities

Grade 9-12 Clubs & Activities

HT Math Club Website

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               Team Oriented               Organized               Respectful               Noble               Athletic ability               Disciplined               Optimistic               Excellence               Sportsmanship

Home  of the Tornadoes


In addition to the team sports, we offer an excellent intramural program for all grade levels and abilities. Your involvement is essential to the success of the intramural program.

Interschool Play 

Schedules and standings can be found at

Grades 7-8 Sports

HT 7/8 Winter Sports 2023


Basketball, Boys

Basketball, Girls


Floorball, Boys

Floorball, Girls

Futsal, Boys

Futsal, Girls

Hockey, Boys Tier 2

Hockey, Boys Tier 2

Hockey, Girls

Grades 9-12 Sports

HT HS Winter Sports 2023

Basketball, Junior Boys

Basketball, Senior Boys

Hockey, Varsity Girls

Volleyball, Senior Girls

Student Council

Holy Trinity‘s High School Student Council consists of Grade Representatives and an Executive Branch. The Executive Council is comprised of thirteen members, responsible for collectively imagining, planning & executing all events by students for students at Holy Trinity.

To stay up to date on everything Holy Trinity throughout the year, we recommend following the Student Council which can be found on the following platforms:

Twitter - @HTcouncil

Instagram - @ht.council      @ht.announcements   

2023-2024 Executive Council (Council 33)

Ayden Beauregard & Ornela Tawamba 

Reilly Cooper & Kyra Willette 

Directors of P.R.
Cassie Bettinger & Cate Kirkland 

Miriam Chartrand & Rafie Salim 

Heads of Design and Arts
Rey Calasanz & Abigale Duncan 

Heads of Athletics
Kylie Ferguson & Taylor Noonan 

Heads of Logistics
Emily Smith & Fiona Thomas 

Jacob Delle Palme 

Team Collaborators
Jingru Tian & Brianna Vallipuram 

Former HT Student Council

 View previous HT Student Councils