Holy Trinity High School is privileged to have its own Chapel. The Chapel is the focus of the spiritual character of the school and is used for private prayer and class liturgical celebrations.

The Chapel is located right off the main Atrium, and always open to welcome students for prayer, for reflection or to gather for discussion.

The Board's Spiritual Theme for 2019

In this new spiritual theme based on Micah 6, we are called to ‘Seek Justice’ in the first year (2018-2019). In seeking justice, we have a concrete way of being the good news to our world. The language of Catholic Social Teaching provides direction for the mindset that brings about change and leads to a more just environment for all.


In the second year of our Spiritual theme (2019-2020) our focus will be on Kindness.  Kindness is aligned with love. It is a steadfast love, a loyalty to human relationships. This verse reminds the reader and listener that KINDNESS and MERCY are a choice.


Lastly, in the third year of our Spiritual theme (2020-2021) our focus will be to walk humbly with God, encompassing a broad perspective of faith. The conclusion of Micah is focussed on liturgy and ritual. Thus, in this walk of humility with God, we honour the need for worship, rite and ritual. Prayer, going to mass, reading scripture and gathering in community are part of our humble walk with God.


Micah’s message is relevant for us today. The need for a heart for social justice is ongoing in our challenging yet hope filled world. Tenderness and love are actions by which we embrace humanity and healthy relationships. Humility with God calls us to discern our faith walk individually and as community.


Micah 6:8 calls us to a conversion that is threefold. Firstly, it is an outward conversion calling us to act with justice. Secondly, it is an inward conversion of the heart, prompting us to focus on our love of neighbour, ourselves and God. This love is manifested in mercy. Lastly, this is an upward conversion. The call to walk humbly with God invites us to consider that we embrace the mystery.  Humility calls us to a faith that is lived in relationship to God among the community of faithful. 

Chaplaincy Department

Our school's current Chaplaincy Leader is Jo-Anne Stasiuk.

The chaplaincy leader helps to create a community atmosphere of care, concern and compassion. Through the chaplaincy leader, community worship, prayer and social action projects are animated. The chaplaincy leader is a resource for religion teachers and fosters liaisons with local parish communities and the diocese.  The chaplaincy office is located right off the chapel and is a spot for students and staff alike.

Morning prayer, social justice team, class visits to the chapel along with numerous activities planned throughout the year give students an opportunity to share, to learn and to grow in faith. Finally, the chaplaincy leader is involved with students and staff searching for stronger connections to community within our school and in Kanata.  She can be reached at or 613-591-9955.

There is continuous enhancement of parish and diocesan connections at the school that is undertaken to create the best possible milieu for the student’s care and success.  The school council also has a parish representative, who may be a member of either Holy Redeemer Parish or St. Patricks Parish, Fallowfield.

We are also fortunate to celebrate the Eucharist throughout the year.  


Parish Links

Our school community is served by the following parishes. Click on the links to visit the parish websites.

Holy Redeemer Roman Catholic Parish
44 Rothesay Drive
Kanata, Ontario 
K2L 2X1 
Phone: 613-836-1764 
St. Patrick's Catholic Church - Fallowfield
15 Steeple Hill Crescent
Nepean, Ontario
K2R 1G2
Phone: 613-591-1135