Interested in purchasing technology for your kids?

posted Oct 25, 2016, 4:58 AM by Karen Handley

Please click here for online Best Buy Offer

The Ottawa Catholic School Board believes in offering students the best education experience possible to prepare them for their future and the many pathways they may pursue when they leave our environment.

We believe that technology will be part of that future and therefore we incorporate technology as a tool for learning, content creation, communication and collaboration. Although technology is only one small part of the learning journey today’s students pursue, that role will be vital in most aspects of learning, work, and life, going forward.

We have established an optional purchase program with Best Buy for those who are interested in purchasing their own device.  Parents and students may purchase any brand of device from any company as all devices will work on school network. Some of these devices are exclusive to our Best Buy partnership and not available to others through Best Buy.

The technologies listed on the Best Buy portal are only recommendations. Best Buy is offering discounts on protection plans and other supplies and peripherals but parents may choose to purchase from any vendor.  As you will see on the Portal, we are recommending Chromebooks as a simple, safe, efficient and cost effective device. We also help equip these with Board purchased software through the student Google accounts and the use of the student portal.